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PLD Production platform

PLD Production platform

The SIP 800 (Loadlock) and SIP 1200 (EFEM) accelerate the entry of new processes into commercial products. New processes are required in order to meet upcoming technology nodes or progress PowerIC, LED and MEMS applications. 
The SIP 800 / 1200 platform is the ultimate proof that PLD has now reached the maturity level of High Volume Manufacturing (HVM). This next generation deposition system is suitable for development and (pilot-) production purposes, and is designed for stability, reliability and low maintenance. Equipped with automated wafer handling (SIP 1200) it offers high run-to-run consistency at commercial throughput and yield.

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SIP series basic features:

Substrate size:

100 / 150 / 200 mm

Substrate type:

Round, squares

Target capacity:

Up to 4 targets in situ changeable

Beam delivery:

Complete integrated beam delivery optics



Process temperature:

RT -  800 ºC



Thickness uniformity:

WiW:                < 2 % 1s
WtW / RtR:      < 1.5 % 1s


SIP 1200 PLD platform for stable thin film manufacturing